A total of 16,094 people voted for the best in their area for their hair care at this year’s UK HairCare Awards, according to the Hair Care Association (HCAs). 

The winner is Redken Hair Care in West Sussex, which won with its “Redken” range.

The winner of the HairCare awards is one of the UK’s leading hair care brands, with the brand’s products including the “Mermaid Hair” and “Mummy Hair” range winning the crown.

Redken’s products include a range of products for both young and old, from “Mummy Hair” to the “Cute Mum” hair care products.

The awards are being held in the UK for the first time and are being organised by the Haircare Association and the Royal College of Dermatologists (RCD). 

HCAs Chief Executive Chris Taylor said: “We are delighted to have won this year the Hair CARE Award, and this is an incredible honour for our award-winning product line.”

Redken HairCare is a UK hair care brand, with a huge following in the beauty industry.

“Our range of hair care offers a wide range of solutions, with products that are designed to nourish, protect and protect hair.”

The range is very diverse, and includes products for women and men, with complementary products and innovative products.

“We are thrilled that Redken has secured this award, and look forward to working with our customers and suppliers to continue to deliver outstanding products to their hair and face needs.” 

The winners will be announced at a later date.

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