The story of a man who lost his hair after undergoing hair transplations is one of the latest in a string of dramatic cases in China, where people with hair loss can have it cut off and then re-grown.

In March, a man from Zhejiang province was told he was losing his hair and had to have it replaced with hair transplant technology from China’s Fujian Province.

He was initially denied the treatment because it was illegal, but eventually his lawyer appealed against the denial.

The case was finally upheld in court, but the man was then told he could not have the hair transplant procedure at home, as it was not allowed in China.

As a result, he went to the Beijing hair transplant centre where his hair had been removed and had it re-planted.

But then he was informed that if he did not go to the hospital to receive the hair transplant treatment, he would be charged with having an illegal transplant.

When he tried to leave, the woman at the clinic asked him to show her a licence, and then he refused.

Then she told him that he had to go to a police station to get a licence to go home, which he could do only if he agreed to be fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed.

Finally, he agreed and was fingerprinted and photographed.

However, after two hours in the police station, he was told the hospital was not authorised to treat people like him.

His hair transplant was not even legal, as he had no insurance or bank account and the clinic could not even accept payment for it.

After waiting a few weeks for his hair transplant to take place, the man’s hair was taken away and he was then ordered to leave China.

He then went to another hospital in Shanghai, where he was given a haircut and his hair returned to his normal size.

“I didn’t really believe what had happened.

I thought it was just a case of bad luck,” he said.

I felt helpless and helpless and I didn’t understand why I was being taken to such lengths to get it done,” he added.

A few months later, he travelled to Hong Kong to try and get his hair transplanted there, but was told that he was being refused and that he would have to go back to China to get the transplant.

He was so desperate that he decided to go online and search for the answer.

Within minutes, he found a website called China Hair Transplant Centre.

‘A miracle’It was a miracle that I was able to get my hair transplied from Fujian province,” he told The Local.

It was such a blessing that I felt so grateful to have the chance to have my hair transplant and to be able to give my life back.

Although his hair is now back to its normal size, he still cannot get married or have children.

So now he is not even sure if he will ever be able.

According to the Guangzhou Daily, there are currently more than 1,000 people who have lost their hair due to hair transplantation.

Chinese women have been more successful than men in the country, with a third of them having lost their long, flowing locks to the transplants.

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