Hair care quotes are a great way to show off your style, whether you’re on the go, or are out and about.

But if you want to go hair care-forward, there are a few of your favorite quotes to add to your wardrobe.

Hair care quote #1: “I’ll do anything to go out with my hair.”

– Lizzie Borden (ABC News, October 31, 2018) This quote sums up the essence of going out with your hair.

You’re going to have your friends, family, and co-workers all talking about you and the best way to go about it?

Try and go out in style.

Hair costuming is the perfect way to wear it all.

Haircare quote #2: “What you wear with your hands is what you wear forever.”

– The Week (NBC News, September 20, 2018), The Week is a great example of the type of clothing you can wear with one’s hands.

It’s great to have a great pair of gloves or a hat for a cold winter night.

And you can always add a scarf or hoodie to your look, too.

Haircostuming quote #3: “You don’t want to be wearing a suit.

If you’re going out in a suit, it’s going to make your hair look worse.”

– Kate Upton (Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 24, 2018, via Twitter) This statement is so true.

It really says it all, and I’ll tell you why.

First, I know what I’m going to wear in my suit and tie, and that is going to be a great deal more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how comfortable my hair is already.

Plus, you’ll know how much I love my hair.

Haircut quote #4: “Don’t wait until your hair’s down to go to the bathroom.

Just grab a towel and go.”

– Kelly Osbourne (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, March 24, 2019) You’ll find this to be true of all of us.

If your hair is down and not up, you will definitely look like a washed-up hobo.

And your hair will look terrible.

Haircutting quote #5: “The more you wear your hair, the more you will get it.

You will grow it.”

– Tila Tequila (CBS This Morning, July 30, 2019, via Instagram) This is a true statement.

It goes without saying that your hair should always be up, but the more it grows, the better it looks.

I’ve seen so many beautiful, healthy looking, beautiful, and natural looking hair that are down.

And I’m so glad to say that the way to grow your hair out is by just getting it done.

And when you’re done with your own style, go for a long, smooth cut.

Hair cut quote #6: “Your hair is your canvas for your life.”

– Michelle Phan (CBS Today, July 27, 2019), You can’t go wrong with this statement.

And if you are a perfectionist, it means you’re looking at your hair as a canvas.

If it’s messy and not beautiful, you won’t have much use for it.

And while it’s true that you can’t change your hair color, you can make it look good, even if you can only see it through a microscope.

Haircuts quote #7: “There are so many hair types and colors, and every time I try to get it right, I’m getting it wrong.”

– Jennifer Lopez (CBS News, July 20, 2019)(Via Instagram) As with hair, you’re not going to look perfect with every hairstyle, but if you look for the right hairstyle and go for the cut that’s right for you, you should have a smooth, straight, and smooth-looking look.

Hair salon quote #8: “We don’t need to go into the salon to make a statement.

We can make a difference.”

– Jodie Foster (The Hollywood Reporter, September 5, 2019(Via Instagram)) This quote says it like it is, and it’s also true.

If a salon is your destination for hair care, you don’t have to go looking for the best hair color or cut.

If the salon has the right cut, you know that you’ll look good and you’ll get a great service.

Hair color quote #9: “If you want your hair to be beautiful, go with the color that it’s in.”

– Christina Hendricks (The Walking Dead, September 24, 2020) This one is especially helpful when you have the right color.

You know how you can get it all in one day, but when it’s too dark, you have to put on a coat and a tie?

If you go to a salon and ask the stylist for the correct color, they’ll say, “Yeah, that’s the one you want.” Haircut

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