It’s the year 2020.

We’re a billion people, our cities are crumbling, the world is teetering on the brink of collapse, and we’re still in the throes of an energy crisis that will decimate us all in the next few decades.

We’re still trying to get to grips with the climate change, which is not only a global problem but also an economic and social one, which requires a comprehensive global response.

And it’s not just a problem for the next generation, for the whole of humanity.

Because we’re all connected in one way or another, we’re affected by everything from the weather to the way we eat to the pollution in our homes and the way our bodies function.

The question we must ask ourselves is how we can ensure that everyone around us is equally affected.

When we start thinking about the way the world works and the people that are involved in it, it becomes clear that the way to save us all from ourselves is not by reducing carbon emissions but by reducing the amount of energy we use and the amount we put into the world around us.

That means reducing the size of our cities and the number of people who live there.

It means cutting back on the amount and variety of products we consume and changing the way in which we buy them.

I want to tell you, however, that this is not a new problem.

It’s not a future where there are more skyscrapers and more car factories, where people drive to work at speed and there are no air purifiers.

In fact, as the number and complexity of energy-intensive products increases, we are starting to see an alarming increase in deaths from CO2 poisoning and an even more alarming increase of CO2 emissions.

How can we tackle this?

There are many solutions.

One is to take advantage of the global power of the internet, which has transformed the way that people communicate and access information.

There are now billions of people all around the world who have the ability to access information and access new technologies at the speed of thought, with minimal effort.

This will be a huge boon for our society.

The second solution is to increase energy efficiency and create new industries, new ways of doing business, and new ways to deliver services and goods to the public.

Third, we need to look at the very real impact that pollution and CO2 have on our health and our climate.

It is the second-highest cause of death globally.

And it’s a global issue.

A report commissioned by the UN found that global CO2 pollution kills more than 6 million people each year, while CO2 is the single largest cause of disease in the world.

We know from the World Health Organisation that CO2 exposure affects our immune systems, our brain, our heart and our skin.

One in four people in the developing world are exposed to high levels of CO, and in the poorest regions of the world it’s even worse.

So it is very clear that we need an ambitious and ambitious response.

We also need to address the problem of pollution in all its forms, not just the most visible ones like CO2.

If we can reduce our CO2 use by at least 25 per cent by 2030, we will reduce our overall emissions by 30 per cent.

So it’s all of these things.

And finally, we must stop using fossil fuels.

There are some examples of companies doing this already.

This is a very important moment in the history of the human race.

It means that we are moving towards a better future, and I’m very proud of that.

The world is changing and we need a global consensus to make sure that we don’t leave it behind.

Thank you very much.

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