By ESPN Staff WriterOn the heels of Gemma’s latest success, a Korean beauty company is now the #1 hair care brand in Korea.

Korean Hair Care’s new #1 Korean Beauty brand, Gemma, launched in late July.

The Korean beauty brand’s first Korean-language ad is featured in the #2 spot, which features Gemma founder Kim Hee-yeong in her native South Korea.

Kim said the ad is about growing a brand, not about trying to be a copycat.

“The Korean beauty industry is evolving rapidly and Gemma is just the latest example,” Kim said.

“Gemma’s innovative beauty is about a more natural approach, so it’s not about copying anyone.”

Gemmases original Korean-English marketing campaign, in which Kim talks about the importance of being “real” and that “real people” have a lot of influence, has been watched by nearly 2.4 billion people on YouTube.

“Gemmea has been one of my favorite brands ever since we launched,” Gemma CEO Jeong Seok-gyun said.

“We want to help people enjoy the beauty products they love without relying on the brand name.”

Gems newest beauty line, Rosemary Hair Care, is now available for $39.99 and has more than 1,500 products on the company’s website.

The Rosemary line includes a $30 skin whitening gel, a $15 moisturizer, a shampoo and conditioner, and a $3 body scrub.

The Rosemary Beauty line includes six skincare products, including three cleansers, two moisturizers, a moisturizer and a toner, according to Gemma.

Kim added that the brand has also expanded its beauty range to include “more natural” products like hair care products, so customers can choose what’s best for them.

Gemmas Korean-only brand, K-beauty, also launched in July and has 1,000 products on its website.

Kim explained the brand aims to create “beauty that is more personal,” while offering “more value.”

“It’s not a matter of ‘how do I make more money’ or ‘how much does it cost,'” Kim said of K-Beauty.

“It’s a matter about personalizing beauty, being authentic and giving a better experience.”

Gema’s Korean-marketing campaign features Kim talking about how to stay focused and focused on her career.

“It helps you keep on your feet,” Kim added.

“The beauty you see is your makeup.

Don’t worry about what others think of you.”

K-beautys Korean-friendly brand, Glamis, launched last September and has over 700 products on their website.

The brand, which is based in Seoul, was launched by Kim in 2010.

The first product, the Rosemary-only Rosemary Gel, is a $50 gel with six products, according a Gemma press release.

Gema has also partnered with Korean-based cosmetics brand, Lush, which launched in April.

The Lush brand offers “unique” cosmetics, such as face masks and face scrub, that have been developed with Korean technology, according the press release, which also includes details about how the products are made.

The K-Glamis Korean-exclusive brand, Nippon Glam, is also now available on the Lush website.

“I feel a sense of pride in our brand,” Kim told ESPN.

“We are here today because of Korean-American women and girls who love the brand.”

Kem, who also serves as the head of Lush’s Asia division, said the company has also added a number of products from other Korean companies in the Korean-speaking markets.

The Korean-owned cosmetics brand K-mart, which was the #4 seller of Korean cosmetics in 2016, is one of the top-selling Korean-made beauty brands in Korea, according Gemma data.

In April, the company partnered with South Korean beauty retailer K-Mart to launch a new line, Lippo, featuring “Korean-inspired products for the Korean beauty market.”

The brand was launched in September and includes Lippos five skin-whitening products, three moisturizers and two hair-whipping creams.

Lippo was launched on the Korean makeup website in November, with the launch of a limited-time offer.

Kim also said the brand is aiming to be “the first Korean brand to have a global presence.”

“We have a really strong brand, but we need to continue to make it better and better,” Kim explained.

“That’s why we want to bring our Korean beauty and our Korean-ness to more markets.”

Gemeas Korean-centric makeup line, Gom, was recently launched in the United States, with a total of 1,400 products.

“Our focus is to make Korean-inspired cosmetics as comfortable and affordable as

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