The past month has seen a dramatic shift in Arab-Israeli hair care trends and attitudes, with a new wave of high-quality products appearing.

From the hair of the young, to the hair worn by old, to curly and braidy styles, these are some of the latest trends and products that are shaping the Arab-Jewish community.

Read moreThe beauty trend in Arab hair productsThe new wave includes new hair care products for men and women, including shampoo, conditioner, gel and styling gel, with the latter two being increasingly popular among the young and the new-look Jewish population.

The hijab trend in Israel has also seen a major increase in popularity, with many young Arab women adopting the headscarf as part of their fashion.

The new trend in the hair care industry is mostly driven by the desire to wear their hair short and natural, and to avoid hair styling and styling products.

But there is a growing sense among the community that it’s time to change their way of life, and that the hair that they grow is part of the Jewish heritage, and therefore a part of them.

A recent survey conducted by the Shalom Institute of Jewish and Arab Studies (SHISAS) found that 57% of young Arab men and 57%.

of young women in Israel said that they would rather shave their heads than cut their hair, while only 15% of Arab women said the same.

The survey also found that Arab women are more likely to wear hair products made from natural, organic ingredients.

This is due to the fact that their culture uses a lot of the same ingredients in hair products, including olive oil, honey, rose petals and other natural products.

The trend of Arab hair in Israel is also being embraced by young men, who are now opting for full-on hair extensions, and are increasingly embracing hairstyles that have been dubbed “british-inspired.”

The new hairstylesIn Israel, the trend of british hairstyles has recently seen a massive increase.

Some of the newest hairstyles are a mix of Western and Israeli styles, as well as some that are more traditional.

One of the most popular trends in the past year is the braid, which is a style popular among both men and young women.

In recent years, the style has seen an uptick in popularity among young women, as they are increasingly interested in using it for the first time, and also want to emulate the style, which has also gained popularity among Arab women.

The trend is also growing among young men.

According to SHISAS, the proportion of Israeli men wearing braid haircuts has increased to nearly one-third, with young men more interested in the style than their fathers and grandfathers.

According to a survey conducted in 2014, more than 50% of Israeli Arabs had chosen to grow their hair long.

The majority of respondents said that this was a matter of personal preference, with 50% saying that they had been influenced by a hair care product, while the other 50% said that it was a natural response to their personal preferences.

In the past two years, Israel has seen the emergence of new trends in hairstyles, with some of these being inspired by traditional European styles.

These include the short haircut, the curly hairstyle and the britches.

The popularity of the short hair style in Israel, along with the emergence and popularity of some of its most popular hairstyles in other Arab-majority countries, has made it the fastest growing hairstyle in Israel.

In some cases, the new hairstyle can be influenced by other cultural and ethnic traditions, including the hairdressing tradition in Israel and the traditional Islamic style in the Arab world.

This trend is growing, too, as many Arab women now prefer the style to those of their Muslim brothers, who have grown their hair in the tradition of their forefathers.

A recent survey by Shalom showed that the number of men and boys who said they would prefer to grow the hair shorter in Israel had increased from 27% in 2013 to 38% in 2014.

The number of girls and girls who would prefer their hair longer had increased to 40%.

These are the types of trends that are driving the growth of the hair industry in Israel in the coming years.

Hair is not just for menThe next trend in hair care is a trend that is very popular among Arab-Jews.

This was the trend that began to gain popularity with the new generation, as it was often seen as a part-time job for the young.

A trend similar to the short-haired trend has also emerged in the haired community, with those with short hair being seen as less attractive.

This has led to a backlash against the short haired people, as their hairdresser is often accused of sexual harassment.

But the popularity of this trend has been so great that the haredi community has recently started to take a more active role in shaping the hair and styling of the ha

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