The name “roots” is an English word that translates to “life”, but its origins are far more mysterious.

The roots of the word “rooted” can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where the word literally means “life from the roots”.

In modern English, the word originates from the French roots “rezo”, meaning “roots”.

In ancient times, the Romans called it “root” because it could grow from the ground, and in Latin it was “roso” meaning “root”.

In 1790, German chemist Friedrich Erhard found the word root in a book entitled The Roots of Plants and Animals.

In the 20th century, British botanist George Gartrell discovered the word in a study on plants.

Root crops such as peas, beans and potatoes were introduced to the US in the late 1800s and were widely planted in the south.

The word “roots”, however, was first applied to a single vegetable, squash.

In 1909, William Blake recorded the word as the name of the root in his poem, The Sound of Music.

Blake used the term “rotten” in a reference to the rotting of a rotting fruit.

In modern times, a plant called “rootsman” was created to name an edible root vegetable.

The name “rootted” is also derived from the ancient word “ruzor”, meaning ‘root’.

In medieval times, when the word ‘root’ was being used in the English language, the root vegetable, cucumber, was the root of a plant, so it was referred to as “rotted cucumber”.

In recent years, the “rooting” word has been used more broadly to refer to any type of vegetable, including potatoes, squash and peas.

The origins of the term ‘rooted’In medieval Europe, people called the vegetables they ate rotten or rotten-looking, but the term is not usually associated with vegetables.

In medieval English, this was because the word for a vegetable was a noun, such as “root” or “apple”.

But in modern English “rooster” was the most common word to be used in reference to a vegetable, and was often used in references to the root vegetables.

The term “root man” is sometimes used to refer specifically to a root vegetable and in some contexts to the fruit, which is the vegetable that grew from the root.

In recent times, however, the term has been more commonly used to describe the root crop such as potato, peas and squash, and more generally to the vegetable kingdom.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “roasted” as “the edible root of an edible plant”.

In a 2003 paper, Richard Koehler of University College London and his colleagues used a dataset of over 100,000 documents and searched the Web for references to “rootman”.

Koehler’s team looked at references to root man from 1603 to 2012, and they found over 100 examples of the use of the terms “rotthed rootman”, “rotta man” and “root-woman”.

The researchers also found over 3,600 examples of “roots” being used to identify the edible root vegetables of the Mediterranean region, including peaches, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.

“In the Mediterranean, there is a long history of food traditions, which have persisted for centuries and that have been linked to a sense of identity, a sense that one belongs to the food,” Koehlers said.

“These traditions were influenced by an understanding of what a root is, and how it is made.”

For instance, a popular dish of Greek and Roman times called “rotti”, which meant ‘rotted potato’, was often called “root of the people”.

The Romans also used “roted” to refer primarily to potatoes, but this was more often used to represent the vegetable “rosa”.

“The word rosta was more common in the Middle Ages than it is today,” Koeshler said.

The Latin root “rotto” means ‘root’, so it is no surprise that the word originated in the ancient world.

“What we see is that the Romans also took the word rotta to refer more generally, and so rostus is a Latin term that’s now very common in English.”

In medieval Latin, the Greek word “rosus” meant ‘root of life’, so the word is more closely associated with the food of the land and the people, said Koehlers co-author Professor Peter Beagle, of the University of Adelaide’s Department of English.

“It’s more like ‘roots’, rather than ‘root man’.”

But it’s not just the root crops that were traditionally called “rotted”.

“Root men” also refer to a variety of edible vegetables, such “roots-man”, and “ropped”, which refers to potatoes.

The British Medical Journal in

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