India is the country where women are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to their hair, according to a study by the Global Women’s Forum.

The forum, which promotes a better understanding of gender inequality in the global economy, says that in India, women are responsible for around 70% of the country’s hair care and hair care products, but only 25% of hair care jobs.

According to the report, India has a lot of beauty challenges, from hair regrowth to a shortage of affordable hair products.

“India is a land of many beauty challenges.

Women in India have a huge influence on the way the country looks and the way women are treated.

And when they do get into the workforce, they have a lot to learn about the different challenges they face,” the study said.”

It is also important to note that India is also the home of one of the world’s most significant hair care markets, where India has the highest number of female-owned companies,” it added.

It is important to remember that India has many beauty problems, from and hair reggrowth to a supply shortage of inexpensive hair products, said the report.

In the world, the average woman spends around $20,000 on hair care every year, according the report (and this is for the whole country).

“While many countries have introduced more affordable hair care options in recent years, India is still not the only country that has a shortage,” the report said.

The Indian women are also responsible for 75% of haircare sales, according a survey conducted by a local hair salon in New Delhi in 2017.

“Hair care is a very important business for women in India.

It is a significant part of their daily lives,” the survey said.

In India, hair care is an extremely complex issue.

In many cases, the hair is done by the person who did the hair in the first place, the report added.

“In India where people have a choice between a salon or a salon, women do most of the work.

The salon is often the only place where the customer can go to get their hair cut,” it said.

According the report:”It seems that the beauty-conscious woman is often unaware of the problems that face her,” said Nandini Jain, founder and managing director of the Global Woman’s Forum, in a statement.

“She is also unaware of her own value as a person.

If she has to spend an hour getting her hair cut in the salon, she has lost out on the beauty experience and also the social and economic benefits of having a professional haircut,” she added.

Jain said the Global women’s Forum was also surprised that India was not a top destination for women entrepreneurs, and there is a need for women to gain experience in the field.

“We have a long way to go when it has come to understanding the gender issues in the Indian workforce and in the overall global economy.

This report is just the first step towards addressing this challenge,” she said.

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