By Katie LedeckyCNN — A woman who lost a significant amount of her hair in a freak accident that left her with pink eye could have a new hairstyle.

The accident happened in the Dominican Republic when a woman fell asleep in her bed, according to a police report obtained by CNN.

A man woke up and noticed the woman’s head was shaking, and she was then able to pull her head back into bed and sleep.

He went to the bedroom and found her head was still shaking.

She was taken to the hospital, but the condition was serious, police said.

The man called police and reported the woman was having a vision problem.

She told police she saw a light from a window of the hotel room and saw a man wearing a mask and sunglasses and standing over her.

She was unable to move, so she called 911.

She took off the mask and glasses and was wearing her regular clothes, the police report said.

The man told police that she could see through the window, so he took her to a local hospital, where doctors confirmed the woman had a cut to her eyelid.

She told police the cut was from a piece of glass that had fallen off a wall, and it looked like she had been cutting herself with a razor blade.

She had a pink eye, and police reported she had a lot of hair to remove.

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