A new study shows that using a hair cut to enhance your look isn’t only for the most attractive women, it’s also effective for those with hair loss.

In a new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the American Hair Academy surveyed the opinions of more than 4,000 people who had lost hair.

A majority of respondents said the benefit of a haircut was aesthetic, not cosmetic.

A significant majority of women who said a hair-cut was a major factor in their appearance also felt that the hairstyle itself was a positive decision.

“The most common comment was that the hair was flattering and made the appearance of a woman more attractive,” lead author Maria H. Cordero, an assistant professor of psychology at UC LA, said in a press release.

“Many people also noted that the cut made the hair appear longer and less frizzy.”

“What we found is that a hair haircut can be both aesthetically pleasing and a strong contributor to the appearance and health of a person,” she continued.

“This study provides strong evidence that a healthy and attractive haircut can contribute to hair and body image.”

Corderos team found that a haircut with a twist helped women achieve a more natural and balanced appearance, as well as maintain a healthy appearance.

“People who had a haircut, especially a longer one, said it made them look more attractive and attractive-looking,” Corderoes team noted.

“They also said that the appearance felt much healthier and felt more natural, so it was important to include a hair or two.”

A hair cut with a curler can be a great addition to a woman’s look.

But the benefits of a curling iron go beyond just having a longer haircut.

Hair cutters can help keep hair healthy by helping to create natural, balanced hair patterns.

“By using a curl to make hair look healthy and groomable, it is possible to create a natural and healthy hairstyle that also looks natural and attractive,” the researchers concluded.

So how do you get a hair curler?

According to Corderodes team, hair curlers are best used on women with thinning hair.

“In general, hair loss is associated with a loss of hair follicles and the need for curlers,” Corders team explained.

“But it’s important to remember that hair loss occurs regardless of age or gender, and hair growth is a natural part of a healthy body.”

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