Lees and his wife have been a fixture in downtown, and now, he hopes to open a hair care center in the neighborhood.

According to an official from the Lees Foundation, they are currently in the process of acquiring a property and will soon begin construction on a building on the ground floor of a building in the building.

“We have an idea of the building that we need for the foundation, and we will open the building at the same time,” the official told The Jerusalem Report.

The official added that they are already in discussions with the local government and the local municipality for approval to begin construction.

The Lees foundation hopes to transform the property into a hair salon, barber shop, and makeup store, which will bring the foundation to a neighborhood where the area has historically been underserved.

The foundation is already well known for its work with local communities and organizations, and Lees recently helped build a barbershop in his hometown of Elad, a city that is home to thousands of refugees and displaced residents.

The Lemanas are already famous for their extensive community, and the Leese Foundation hopes to create a space for the community to gather and enjoy each day.

“The beauty of this project is that we are going to help the community that we love and care about.

We are going for a good, simple and affordable salon,” the foundation official told the Jerusalem Report.”

There is a need for a barber and a salon, for a community to come together and enjoy,” the man added.

“We are a small foundation and a small community.

I hope we can help this community with its needs, and I hope it will bring new people into the community.”

Lees has long been a vocal supporter of the refugee community, whose community is currently living in tents in the city of El Ad.

The former mayor, who served as mayor of El Alamein, made headlines when he declared the city’s homeless population to be a burden on taxpayers, despite the fact that the homeless population was actually a fraction of the citywide population.

In his 2016 reelection campaign, Lees was seen as the frontrunner for the position of Mayor of El alamein.

He ultimately lost the race to incumbent Mayor Meir Golan, but his work as a human rights activist and community leader has paid off.

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