From the moment she walked into her new hair salon in Sydney’s east, Liz had a simple goal: to get the hair I wanted.

“I’ve always loved the idea of getting my hair done,” she says.

“My hair is my most important part of my identity and I love to give it that special touch.”

Liz’s new salon is a salon for men with curly hair.

Photo: Elizabeth MacIsaac/Getty Images “There was this time last year when I decided I wanted to do it my own way, and I wanted my hair to feel like mine, so I started using the shampoo that was made by the company that I had a relationship with.”

She added that she was very excited about the hair product.

“The shampoo has a lot of oils and is really good for hair, and the product also comes in the same size range as your normal shampoo,” she explains.

“So if I use a regular shampoo, I’m getting a bit of a difference, but if I try the shampoo from Liz’s, it’s very gentle.”

“It’s just me, a shampoo, and a bowl of water.”

The shampoo from the new Liz’s salon.

Photo by Elizabeth MacLihan.

It’s not synthetic. “

But the fact that it’s organic doesn’t really matter, because the shampoo is organic.

It’s not synthetic.

It doesn’t have anything to do with a synthetic shampoo.”

It’s a big difference to the synthetic products you see in the hair salon.

“There’s no artificial ingredients in it, it is made with organic ingredients,” Liz says.

It has all the ingredients in a bowl. “

It does smell nice, it smells nice when you use it and it feels nice when it’s on.

“Natural hair products are great for people with curly and wavy hair.” “

We have a lot more options for natural products that aren’t made with synthetic.”

“Natural hair products are great for people with curly and wavy hair.”

She also uses the new shampoo to treat her dry and brittle hair, which is usually in a bad state because of her heavy metals use.

“With dry and frizzy hair, I get really stressed because the oils in the shampoo get into my hair and then the scalp gets so dry and you end up with a mess.”

“I use the shampoo and then put some conditioner in and then wash it with a conditioner brush, which gets into the dry spots and then helps it dry out,” Liz adds.

The new shampoo is a big improvement to her hair.

She’s already received compliments on her curls.

“A lot of people are actually saying that I look like a younger version of myself because of the colour of my hair,” she smiles.

“They say, ‘oh, you look really young, like you’re wearing the same clothes.'”

Liz’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and was left with a massive amount of grief.

Her daughter has been given a new lease of life, and is now in a salon to do her hair and styling.

“You can’t ask for anything more,” Liz explains.

The salon is the first in a new range of products from Liz.

“When I was in school I had this really small shop that had a lot less than $100 in my bank account, so they had a really small store and I really loved it,” Liz recalls.

“And then when I started working in the industry, I had to start working from home and it’s a huge financial burden.

So it’s really nice to have this new shop and to have new products to try.”

“We’ve got all the best hair products, and that’s why we’re here.”

“You need to start with the best products.

And that’s Liz.”

Liz says that her new salon will also be the first for her to open a hair salon on the Gold Coast.

“As soon as I open it, I’ll have a whole team, which will be doing everything from the shampoo to the treatments to the styling, and everything will be done by me,” she confirms.

“Then, I can do all the work myself and the customer will come through.”

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