The Milania hair-care brand is getting rid of its old-fashioned shampoo dispenser and using a new, more efficient shampoo dispensing system.

The company’s founder, Milania CEO Andrey Gurevich, told The Globe and Mail on Tuesday that the new system, called ‘Milania Pure,’ will allow the company to save on energy and environmental emissions, and it will allow it to offer products that are more affordable and better for the environment.

“We were looking at the market and we were talking to the consumer about what products to offer and how much they could afford,” Gureich said.

“And then we came up with the idea to do it all in a single, efficient dispenser.”

The dispenser is located at the front of the store.

Instead of using a dispenser at the back of the shop, customers will be able to simply use the dispenser on the counter in the middle of the room, where there’s no one around.

The dispensers are now also equipped with sensors to detect how much shampoo is being dispensed, and the system automatically switches to the best product for each customer based on the temperature of their skin and hair.

Gureikh says he hopes this system will reduce the cost of using the brand’s products by more than 50 per cent.

“It will be very easy to use and very efficient, and we will be using it in every store,” he said.

Gurenich says the system also will help save on space.

“You can store more shampoo on the shelf, and you can get more products to the customer.

And if you don’t want to use the whole shelf, you can store less shampoo on there, too,” he explained.

“Because you can just open the box, it will be much easier to put it on the table.”

Gureithis has been using the dispensers for more than 10 years, and he believes it will make his hair care more affordable for people of all incomes.

“The problem with the dispensing has always been that we couldn’t tell the difference between the different brands, and sometimes you get products from the same brand and sometimes they have different packaging,” he says.

“I was thinking of using an alternative system, and I found this one, and then I was like, OK, I am going to start using this system.”

Gurenvich says the new dispensers will be installed in every Milania store in Canada by mid-year.

“If you look at the data, the more shampoo that is used, the cheaper it is,” he added.

“But we have seen that when we started using this new dispenser, we saw that prices went down.

And so we started testing and we are happy with the results.”

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