By Elizabeth HsuThe Navy is offering a discount to all its employees on hair care products that contain the toxic compound nioxins.

Navy hair care spokesman Mark Schleicher told NBC News that the discounts are “a way for our employees to stay on top of our customers needs.”

Noxin is the main ingredient in many popular nail care products, including nyquil, but it’s also used to treat hair loss.

Nyquiles hair is treated with noxin, which is believed to prevent the formation of new hair. 

Schleichar said the discount was a way to encourage employees to be more creative with their hair products and to find alternatives to other products that may not be working for their hair type.

“We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products they use,” he said.

“Navy employees are encouraged to look for other options that may be effective for their specific needs, including alternative products.”

Navy hairstylist Jodie Mettler told the Associated Press that the discount is “a great way for us to show our customers that we’re here for them, that we understand their needs and are here to provide the best products that we can.” 

Navy spokesperson Scott Jaffe told the AP that the discounted prices are offered on an “as-is basis.”

Nordstrom, Walmart and other department store chains have also announced price reductions in recent months for products containing nioxis, with Nordstrom and Walmart offering a 10% discount to those purchasing products containing the chemical. 

“We believe this is the first time we have seen these kinds of price reductions on nioxino products,” Nordstrom spokesperson Andrea Zwierczak told the Huffington Post. 

Walmart said it has also started offering a $1 discount on nyquistide hair products.

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