NEW YORK (AP) New York’s hottest salon is recruiting.

It’s called Xmondo, and it opened in December.

It’s the newest salon in the city, and has the most buzz since it opened.

Its owners say it’s an opportunity for people to have fun, and that it’s a place where you can meet like-minded people.

We’re here to be a community, to have a great time, and we’re all trying to make it work, said owner Sarah Pizzorno.

They’re offering a variety of services from haircuts and waxing, to pedicures, manicures and makeup.

They’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

It will be the first salon to offer salon services in New York since it was opened, Pizzronas co-founder, Jessica Smith, said.

People are flocking here because they love the place, she said.

They love to hang out, and the space is so clean, the salon is really clean.

The owners said they had about 100 clients when they opened.

It has about 100 people now.

I want people to feel comfortable, and comfortable is a big part of the equation, Smith said.

I think people want to come in here and feel like they are welcomed.

It feels like we are welcoming people, and I think that’s what is really driving it.

This is a place for people who like to come together, and have fun.

They want to hang with friends, and they want to meet new people, Ponzones co-owner, Kristina Koppenberg said.

They’re also looking for an employee.

Ponzone said the salon would like to hire people in the area.

I want to bring more people to New York, so we can support the city.

I want to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

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