A new product from the American company Heathers Hair Care aims to give men their own personal hair care brand with the new ‘Hair-and–Beard’ gel.

The gel, available now on Heathers’ website, uses a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients to create a unique look for men with naturally curly hair.

The gel uses natural ingredients such as rice bran oil and jojoba oil to create the desired results, as well as organic and organic ingredients.

According to Heathers, the ‘Hearse’ is “a combination of three ingredients which will provide a natural, long-lasting and natural looking beard”.

The product uses coconut oil, jojoban oil, rice brane oil and coconut oil gel as its base, along with a mix of aloe vera and aloe, aloe gel, and natural oils.

The ‘Hearingse’ also features a specially designed hair spray, a hair comb and a removable, removable beard brush.

Hearings says the new product is available for men of all ages and body types to “make it your own”.

“We wanted to create something that was uniquely yours and give you a chance to create your own personal styling and grooming,” Heathers founder and CEO, Erin McCauley said.

“We wanted it to be the most natural, natural looking, beard and hair product on the market and that is exactly what this is.”

For those who prefer to use the product in its ‘natural’ form, Heathers offers a variety of options for different hair types.

The company says it has been working with “top hair professionals” to create its ‘Hairy-and‑Beard Gel’.

The product is currently available for purchase on the company’s website for $49.99 and is also available to order online.

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