Organic hair products like hair clippers, deodorants, and soaps will be available in grocery stores starting Nov. 5, the Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday.

The new Organic Food and Grocery Act, which takes effect Nov. 3, will require grocery stores to label their organic foods and other products organic if they are sold in a grocery store.

The law will also require stores to disclose ingredients in their products, such as sugar, that aren’t organic.

The Food and Foodborne Pathogens Act also requires food and grocery stores in each state to report whether products are produced in a country that is an accredited organic producer.

Organic foods and supplements are now listed in the National Organic Program’s (NOP) database.

The new Organic Foods and Supplements Act will not apply to certified organic products sold in health food stores, and the law will not require labeling of products that aren, or are not, organic.

The legislation does require health food store chains to label products labeled organic if the chain uses certified organic ingredients.

“The NOP is the nation’s largest and most rigorous organic certification system for food products, and this new law will ensure that consumers can easily compare products from all sources,” said Catherine Lhamon, deputy director of the National Center for Organic Standards (NOCOS), which manages NOP.

“This is a good step toward making the NOP an international and national benchmark for organic food and the supply chain.” 

“The organic label is just another step toward giving consumers more control over the foods they eat,” said Elizabeth K. Anderson, president of the Organic Consumers Association.

“We want to make sure that food comes from animals, that the farmers have access to the best practices, and that we’re not putting a profit motive on food.” 

NOCOs and the National Association of Organic Agencies (NAOAA) have both worked with the FDA to develop the Organic Food, Grocery, and Supplies Act.

The NAOAA’s mission is to advance the food and agricultural supply chain and promote organic, sustainable and responsible food production.

In addition to the organic food program, the act also requires health food retailers to disclose all ingredients used in their food products.

Food retailers must also report to consumers that all ingredients are produced and used in a manner that meets the requirements of NOP certification.

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