Posted September 09, 2019 is adding a new type of hair care product to its range of hair products, with its latest launch of an oatmeal shampoo that features ingredients that are found in the body of the aloe vera plant.

The product, which is a hair wash with a high pH, is currently available for purchase from’s UK and US stores and will be available on and other UK and UK-based websites later this month.

Amazon said that the oatmeal shampoos would be available in a range of “hair care essentials” including body and hair conditioners, hair remover, conditioner, shampoo, and scalp conditioner.

The shampoo was also included in the shampoo range of a range called “dyson products”, which were priced at £5.99. .uk and the US website are the only two sites that have launched the product, and the product has been praised by customers who have commented on the shampoo’s positive reviews.

The shampoo’s high pH makes it ideal for use with scalp conditioners and hair removers.

Alyssa from Kent, England, wrote: “I love the oat hair shampoo!

It has a natural scent and it has so much moisture.

It is great for using as a conditioner on my scalp and hair.

The pH of this shampoo is good for your hair as well.” 

Karen from London, England wrote:”This shampoo has great ingredients that help your hair feel silky and soft.”

Katherine from Northamptonshire, England said: “Very easy to use and smells fantastic.

I like how it smells!” 

Sara from Kent wrote: “I like the scent of this product as well, it is light and fresh and I think it is great to use as a body wash.

The ingredients are very similar to the ones in my aloe gel.”

Kelsey from Leeds, England added: “Really, this shampoo works really well for the aloes.

I’m not a fan of using body wash products but it does feel so good.”

Alexis from London said:  “This is a very easy to work with product, the ingredients are all very similar, I love the scent it gives.

I have tried many of the products on the internet and this one is a definite favourite.”

Amazon has been working on creating more and more oatmeal products since 2015, with the new oatmeal hair shampoo being part of a series of hair product launches. 

The company also launched a new hair care line called “Aloe Vera Essence”, which contains aloe Vera, which Amazon says has been shown to reduce inflammation, dryness, and hair loss.

Aloe verae has been used for centuries for its antibacterial, anti-aging, and skin-softening properties, and is used in cosmetics, hair products and scalp care products.

The oatmeal formula, available as a range from £2.99 to £5 for UK customers, is now available on the Amazon UK website.

Amazon’s oatmeal conditioner is the company’s first product of its kind to feature ingredients from the algae plant, which has been credited with reducing hair loss in some animals.

Amazon also added a hair conditioner to its online hair care range called The Complete Range, which includes body care, hair care essentials, scalp care and hair shampoo.

“Amazon is an international leader in delivering affordable, convenient, affordable products, and we are excited to share our aloe-rich aloe skin and hair products with Amazon customers,” said Mike Fung, chief operating officer at Amazon UK.

For more on the aloha holiday, watch this video:

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