Today’s headlines read: Proluxé Hair Care to Launch in Canada for Hair loss treatment and a hair transplant treatment, and will offer new formulations of hair loss treatments.

Proluxe is a global hair care brand that specializes in hair loss treatment, which is now being made available in Canada, the U.S., France, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands.

The brand will be available through online retail channels and through its website at

Prolexter’s Hair Loss Solution Prolexter is a new and innovative hair loss management technology that was developed by a team of leading scientists and clinicians who believe that a hair loss regimen should include multiple hair loss products.

The product offers a customized approach to hair loss, including a hair-loss regimen with multiple scalp treatments, which reduces and even reverses hair loss.

The Prolexer is the first hair loss product to be launched by Prolexus in Canada.

It was developed using an innovative, patented approach that combines a unique blend of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients, all combined with a personalized formulation.

Prolexs innovative combination of nutritional support, skin care, and scalp treatment combined with skin care and scalp treatments is designed to help prevent and reverse hair loss and hair loss related conditions.

The unique combination of Prolexo’s proprietary ingredients and skin care is designed so that the products can be used with any hair loss condition and can be delivered with a single wash cycle, eliminating the need for repeat skin care.

This means that Prolexes customers have more options for their hair loss regime and can choose a more comprehensive approach for their condition.

The Prolexar treatment uses the Prolexit™ formula, which has the highest level of skin health, nutrition and natural ingredients in the market, with no added artificial ingredients.

The combination of the Proxlexit and Prolexi treatment has the ability to prevent hair loss without the need to perform additional skin care procedures.

The result?

A more balanced approach to treatment, providing optimal outcomes and fewer complications.

ProXit™ treatment, the new Prolexy solutionProXtit™ is a revolutionary new product developed in partnership with the leading researchers in the hair and scalp research field.

The formula is designed for hair loss control, and includes Proxit™, which helps to control hair loss while providing optimal skin health and nutrition.

The new ProxiTit™ hair loss hair treatment is designed with the goal of minimizing hair loss with no side effects.

The proprietary Proxiset™ formula contains all of the same ingredients as ProxTit but adds a unique combination, including Proxid® which is a natural hair loss ingredient.

The resulting combination provides a customized and effective hair loss solution for a customized treatment.

The products are formulated to work together to optimize the overall health of the scalp and scalp health, resulting in optimal outcomes for patients.

The new ProXiTite hair loss formula offers the ultimate in skin care for those with dry, flaky, frizzy, and frizzy hair, as well as a natural formulation for dry scalp and flaky scalp.

ProXit and the ProXitiTite product are now available in the U, UK, France, Germany and Israel.

For more information, please visit

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