If Britney was feeling nostalgic for her days on the red carpet, she wasn’t alone.

The singer has been living off the road for years, and her fans have come to rely on her in a variety of ways, from keeping her company during shows and on Twitter to sending her photos and videos to her on-and-off-again boyfriend Nick Jonas.

Britney’s fans have even started to make up her own hashtag: #SurfIsMyHome, in honour of the singer’s beach life.

Her Instagram has also become a go-to destination for photos of her and her friends and family.

But it seems as though her fans aren’t all that interested in being her cheerleaders, at least not as much as she would like.

A look back at the Britney, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber yearsThe Britney and Nick Jonas yearsIt was a rough year for the star.

She had to drop out of school, drop out from her modelling career and even find a new name for her daughter Bella.

She was also in a long-term relationship with ex-husband Calvin Harris, which was breaking up soon after.

The pop star was also facing a legal battle with her ex-manager, Jay Z, over their children’s lives.

In June this year, Britney had to make a public apology to her fans, saying that she was going through a rough time.

She also said she was sorry for “being a bit selfish” during her pregnancy with her second child.

Britney also apologised to her family and her family’s friends for what she called “a very personal moment” that left them with “a huge sense of loss”.

Britney and her new label, Def Jam, released her album A Seat at the Table on October 26.

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