The hair care giant announced a new product line that includes hair gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

The product line includes products for people who want to treat hair loss, or who want an alternative to the standard hair gel.

The Kerastases Hair Care line includes a gel, hair shampoo, conditioner, and a pomade.

Each product comes with a 1-year subscription to, which lets you shop for the Kerastatic hair care line.

The Kerastasiase hair gel and Kerastosis hair shampoo are $15 per month, while the Keratosis hair conditioner and Keratotic shampoo are both $10 per month.

Amazon announced a limited number of free Kerastas hair products, which is available at Amazon Prime members who have an Amazon Prime membership.

The first Kerastata hair product, the Kashi, is $14.99, and the Kashira hair shampoo is $15.99. 

Amazon is not currently offering a free subscription to any of the hair products. 

The company will also offer two new Kerasta products for customers who have had hair loss treatment or who have a history of keratosis. 

“The Keratasis hair gel offers a new level of comfort and nourishment that will help you look your best every day, whether you’re a new mom, a mom-to-be, or someone who’s been in the salon for years,” Amazon spokesperson Melissa Treadwell wrote in an email. 

Treadwell added that Kerastates products will be available for purchase through Amazon’s Prime Video platform in the coming months. 

Kerastasis is a product that was developed to help women who want more control over their hair and hair care regimen, and that also addresses issues of hair loss and loss of hair. 

In a statement, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the company wants to help people who have suffered hair loss. 

We’ve seen the growth in the number of people who are seeking out hair care and want to help them get there, and this new line will give people more control, help them find a product, and give them more options to find it,” Bezos said in a statement. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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