How do you make the most of your natural hair, no matter what your style?

Hair care and styling experts are here to help.

Learn about all the basics of hair care and make sure your hair stays looking its best in a few easy steps.


Choose the right type of hair: Some types of hair are naturally curly, and curly hair is good for all skin types.

But others have the extra curlyness that’s more prone to breakage.

The curly part can be easily controlled by using a styling brush.


Apply it: The easiest way to apply your curly hair to your face is to use a styling tool to apply a thin layer of color.

The color will give your hair the texture of a silk scarf, while also adding shine and shine-free shine to the hair.


Decorate it: Make your hair more colorful with a metallic or sparkly hair color.

Make your curl and bangs look bigger with a shimmery hair color, or add a little color to your head with a gold or rose gold hair color or highlight your face with a coral.


Treat it: Apply a hair color to a cuticle or the outer layer of your hair, or comb your hair into a ponytail, wavy or curled into a ball.

A little curl is the key to your hair looking its very best.


Brush it: Use a styling spray to create a glossy effect or use a brush to create shine.


Styling: Apply your curly and hair color by hand, or take the time to get comfortable with a styling product.


Color it: Mix a few different colorings to achieve the best look you can achieve.


Brush and style it: Choose the best brush and color to give your curly look the most shine and hold, and then blend it with a gel to create the perfect finish.

The final step is to take care of the hair before you take it off.

This is especially important for kids and teens who can easily break a hair, which can cause damage to your skin.


Stylish it: Add a little texture to your locks by applying a small amount of hair dye, or give them a little extra shine by applying eye shadow or a shimmer color to the ends of your curls.

Tips and tricks to getting a curly look: When choosing your color, consider whether the color is bright or deep, dark or light.

Some people like a dark, deep brown or deep purple, while others like a lighter shade of brown.

For younger children, the color should be a shade between medium and bright orange.

Hair care experts will help you find a color that suits your needs.

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