The Jacksonville Jaguars, who play at Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of the NFL season, were the first NFL team to make an announcement of their 2018 season.

And they’re doing it by notching a 10-0 record.

The team announced the roster Wednesday with a press conference and post-game news conference.

The announcement came after the Jaguars announced that the team would host its first preseason game against the Kansas City Chargers at MetLife Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 4, and that the Jaguars will also host the Chargers’ preseason game on Sept. 12 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

“We are proud of our players for the strides they are making and our coaches for the way they are handling adversity,” Jaguars general manager David Caldwell said.

“I’m excited to be able to be a part of this first step.”

The Jaguars are expected to have a much stronger roster than last season, with six rookies and four first-round draft picks on the roster.

The Jaguars will be without starting quarterback Blake Bortles for at least the first three games, but that will be an adjustment for the Jaguars.

Bortle will miss at least two weeks with a strained right hamstring, which he suffered in a Week 1 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Bipkins and the Jaguars’ other two quarterbacks, Blake Bostic and Blake Coker, are also questionable.

Bortles, who has thrown for 3,539 yards, 27 touchdowns and nine interceptions this season, will be a big part of the Jaguars new offense this season.

The quarterback has had success this season with the Jaguars rushing attack, which has averaged over 400 yards per game in each of the past two seasons.

In that time, the Jaguars have ranked in the top five in rushing offense four times.

Bastien Ismael/Associated PressThe Jaguars return all of their top pass rushers in the first round (seven) and second round (six) of the 2018 NFL Draft, along with all three first-year quarterbacks, which means they could use some help.

The biggest question mark for the team this season is at the position of quarterback.

Injuries have hindered quarterback Blake Cocker, who is scheduled to start the Jaguars season opener against the New York Jets on Sept.-13.

The rookie from Central Arkansas was injured in Week 2 against the Houston Texans, but returned to the game after two weeks.

Cocker threw for 253 yards and a touchdown against the Texans.

Coker has been limited in practice since his injury, and he has not practiced since Week 2.

The Jaguars’ running backs and receivers are also on the backburner.

Blake Caudle is recovering from a hamstring injury, which is a big blow for the running game.

In 2018, Caudles rushed for 796 yards and 12 touchdowns, while C.J. Prosise averaged 2.6 yards per carry and caught nine passes for 109 yards.

The two are still in the mix for starting spots, but it seems like Prosise is in the lead.

Proside has been slowed by injuries and was limited in his first three starts this season (two games) with a hamstring strain.

Prosis had only two carries for five yards in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins, and was on the field for only 12 total plays in Week 4 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The three-time Pro Bowler has been the Jaguars best running back this season by a large margin, averaging 1.5 yards per rush.

If Prosise can’t return this season or if he can’t get healthy, the running back position will be the most challenging in Jacksonville.

The offensive line, which returns nine starters, is another major question mark this season after missing the first six games of the season with a broken leg.

The defensive line is also one of the teams biggest weaknesses this season; the Jaguars ranked 29th in the NFL in run defense last season.

But if the Jaguars can stay healthy, this is a position where they should be able get the most out of their defensive line.

The unit is also loaded with young talent.

The 2017 season featured the Jaguars second-leading rusher in D’Qwell Jackson, who rushed for 1,845 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions, and the third-leading receiver in Jalen Ramsey, who caught 61 passes for 1.8 yards per catch and scored six touchdowns.

The four rookies have each posted at least 25 receptions and 20 touchdowns in 2018, with Ramsey leading the way with 20 catches for 256 yards and four touchdowns.

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