Belton Hair Care is proud to offer a wide range of hydroponics products and services for both home and commercial use.

It offers products for a variety of different skin and hair types, including aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and a variety more.

Here are some of our favorite products:• Belton hydroponsiels are designed to help maintain and restore moisture in hair, providing natural moisture in the scalp.

The gel-like product has a mild, soothing scent, and it’s formulated to help prevent and control dryness.

Belton has created the most popular hydroponically-controlled product, the Hydroform, which is available in 4 colors, and includes an additional moisturizing ingredient called Hydrococcus.• Belron Hydroform Hair Gel is an essential hydroponite that gives your hair its natural shine.

It’s designed to hydrate and soften your hair, and contains natural botanical extracts that help to prevent breakage.

Belron also sells the Pro-Active Hydro-Celestra, which has a similar scent and texture to the Hydro-Form.• The Hydro-form Hair Balm is a non-comedogenic product, but it can also be used for a soothing, rejuvenating effect.

It has an emollient, antibacterial and hydrating effect that works in conjunction with the Hydroforms formula.• One of the most common and popular products, the Belton Ultra Gel is a high-tech gel that offers both a conditioning and conditioning-enhancing effect.

The formula is infused with 100 percent natural oils, which give the gel a gentle but powerful effect.

Belton Hydroform Gel: 100 percent naturally derived ingredients.

Hydroform HairBalm: 100% naturally derived oils.

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