The cost of a square foot of grey hair is a big concern for many shoppers.

But what you can expect to pay is the cost of the products and the upkeep.

We have compiled a list of the best grey hair products and services available in Sydney.

Find out more.


Hair Dryer: $149.99 for 1.5 square feet of hair.

1 square foot is 1.75 metres.

It is available in all shades and is available for sale online.

This is the most economical option for grey hair.


Dryer Shampoo: $129.99 per sqft.

It uses a gel-based dryer to help dry your hair.

This can be purchased at the hair salon.

This dryer comes with a lockable brush, so you can use it while waiting for your hair to dry.


Hair Conditioner: This is a non-toxic, organic shampoo.

It works well on hair that is greasy or has a strong smell.

It can also be used as a facial cleanser and is safe for sensitive skin.


Dry Shampoo Plus: This hair care product is a gel based hair dryer that uses a small amount of the product to help break down your hair into its most manageable parts.

It contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and jojoba oil to help your hair dry more easily.


Hair Care Mask: This mask has a mask holder that you can put the hair mask inside and use it to dry your scalp, scalpels, and hair in the shower.

It also has a lot of ingredients like sodium chloride, titanium dioxide, and glycerin to help cleanse your scalp.


Hair Treatment: This facial mask uses ingredients such as lactic acid and glycolic acid to cleanse skin and get rid of dead skin cells.


Hair Salon Facial Cleaner: The hair salon cleanser is used for scalp care, to remove any dead skin, and to help the hair to soften and become more manageable.


Hair Hair Mask: Hair masks are used to help with scalp and hair conditions, as well as for scalp and facial cleaning.


Hair Washes: These are the most common types of hair products available.

The hair wash is a hair rinse that contains ingredients such a shampoo and conditioner.


Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 2.5: This shampoo is a shampoo that is used to get rid off any dead hair cells, and it contains ingredients to help remove dead skin from the scalp.

Hair shampoo is often used for skin and scalp conditioners.


Hair-Conditioning Foam: This foam is used as an alternative to regular conditioner and hair shampoo.


Hair Styling Products: Hair styling products are usually applied to make hair look and feel better.

Hair styling is usually used for hair loss treatment.

Hair hair styling products can be applied in the wash or as a spray.


Hair Mask 3.5 – This mask is made with ingredients like aloe vera, glycerine, and vitamin E. It helps to remove dead cells from the hair, so that it will grow back into a healthy and manageable form.

Hair mask can be used to apply conditioner to damaged hair and as a hair mask to get your hair back in shape.


Hair Products: These products are made with natural ingredients and ingredients that have a natural cleansing effect.

These are used for treating dry scalp and scalp conditions.


Hair Lotion: This lactic and glycoalkalic toner can be worn for dry scalp.

It comes with ingredients such amino acids, propylene glycol, and xanthan gum.


Hair Therapy: This gel-like gel is used in a hair treatment that helps the hair and scalp to dry more quickly.

Hair therapy can be a gentle hair treatment.


Hair Remover: This can also make a hair product that will help to remove old or dead hair and to clean the hair.


Hair Dressing: This dresser is made from a combination of natural ingredients to make the dressing more absorbent.

Hair dressers can be washed or used as styling products.


Hair Oil: This oil is made to make your hair softer, and can be made with a combination ingredients like glycerol and water.

Hair oil can also provide a soft, shiney finish.


Hair Color Treatment: Hair color treatment can be useful for those with grey hair that needs a more natural look.

Hair color treatments can be more gentle than dry treatments and can also help to restore the hair’s natural colour.


Hair Wax: This product contains ingredients that are meant to help protect your hair from sun damage.

This product is used by the hair care industry for a range of products, including facial scrubs and hair curling products. 22. Hair

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