Hair care and cosmetics are hot commodities these days, but the most important factor for hair and beauty enthusiasts is the quality of their haircuts.

The list of the most amazing hairstyles of 2016 was compiled by blogger and makeup artist and blogger and stylist Shai Einav.

The results are below.1.

Shai Eivs hair salon: The first time I saw the salon I thought it was an old fashioned barber shop.

I was not disappointed.

Einav is an absolute beauty queen.

You can see in her video that she loves her makeup.

She has a very high level of personal touch.

She is passionate about hair care and always makes sure that the customers are in top condition.

The salon is very well-equipped, with two beautiful bathrooms and the best shampoo in the area.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, even if you are not from Israel.2.

Mira Bari: Mira Bari’s salon is a gem in the Jerusalem area.

Mira’s salon, located in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shoham, has a beautiful salon environment.

She uses the most beautiful, modern techniques and creates a wide range of products for the hair and makeup industry.

Her salon has a great selection of makeup brushes and products for hair.

She makes sure to use her own hair for every project.

She also has an excellent barber.3.

Bara Aloni: Bara Alonis hair salon is located in an area known as Aloni Street.

She works closely with the owners of the beauty salons and the salon is quite cozy and friendly.

She can also create custom pieces for customers.

She’s always ready to make a special presentation for you, which you can take home with you.4.

Yasmeen Bari-Baran: Youssef Baran is a beauty and hair stylist in Jerusalem.

Her main area is in East Jerusalem, but she has worked in the past in various parts of the West Bank and Gaza.

She loves to work with her clients and creates an outstanding salon experience.

She was recently featured in a recent ad campaign for the cosmetics brand Glamour, which she created.

She does a great job of highlighting the perfect hair and applying the right makeup to the perfect body.5.

Yair Nachman: Yair NACHMAN is a hair stylier who has worked for many years in the beauty and beauty accessories industry.

He has worked with famous names like David Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Mimi Imbong, Kate Moss, and more.

His salon is just an hour from the West Wall in Jerusalem, where his salon is named.6.

Beth Gere: Beth Gere is a stylist from the East and West Bank.

She specializes in natural hair care products.

She and her husband have a great rapport with customers and their salon is absolutely beautiful.7.

Barbara Shavit: Barbara Shavits salon is one of the newest additions to the Jerusalem beauty salon scene.

Barbara Shafit is a professional stylist who works with many clients in the cosmetic and personal beauty industries.

She knows her clients personally and is always willing to make sure that she is in the best condition for them.8.

Mimi Imbalbiyy: Mizmim Imbalbuliyy is the stylist for many popular brands including Nivea, Dior, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, and much more.

She likes to work for her clients.

She often helps with hair and makes sure her clients are in great condition.

She enjoys helping her clients find the perfect products for their hair and has a fantastic work-day schedule.9.

Ariel Al-Oddy: Ariel Al- Oddy is a hairstylist who is from the area of Ramallah.

She helps clients find natural hair products that will help their hair to look beautiful.10.

Dov Katz: Dov Katz is the head stylist of the salon at El-Arish, which is located on a popular shopping street in Jerusalem’s Old City.

He is a very dedicated stylist and loves to make the best possible hair care experience for his customers.11.

El-Mikdad: El-Mikhdad is a personal hair care specialist in Jerusalem who works from his home in the Old City to serve his clients.

He works on the level of the customer and always helps his clients in finding the best products to achieve the perfect look for their skin.12.

Ara Gershev: Ara Gershenv is a makeup artist who lives in the West Jerusalem neighborhood.

She lives with her family in a very nice and well-kept home in El-Khafat.

She doesn’t always work in her salon, but whenever she does, she does so with an outstanding level of care and attention to detail.13.

Keshek Yashar

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