NEW YORK — Newborn hair products aren’t as easy to find as they once were.

But for those of us with little experience in the industry, here are some tips for keeping your baby hair healthy and free of blemishes.


Make sure your baby’s scalp is dry before using any product.

For newborns, this is especially important if they have been washing their hair before getting into the shower.

If they’re not, it’s a good idea to wash their scalp before washing their scalp.

In fact, using shampoo for the first time can be just as effective in keeping your newborn hair clean as any product out there.


Don’t be afraid to use the scalp as a brush.

Brushing is a great way to get a quick feel for how your baby looks without touching the hair.

However, this doesn’t mean your baby won’t benefit from a quick brush to start with.

A brush is also an excellent way to remove dirt, oil, and grime from your baby.


Use the washcloth in the shower or sink.

Instead of brushing, a washcloth can be a good way to clean the hair and scalp.

It’s easier to wash your baby with the washcloths than the scalp, and it’ll help prevent a potential problem later.4.

Use the baby shower or bathtub to get your baby wet.

This can be especially helpful for infants who have not yet started to shower.

If you have an infant who doesn’t shower, try using a baby bathtub.

It can be even more convenient and gentle than a washcloth, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your baby will dry.5.

Make sure to follow your babies bath instructions carefully.

Some baby care products, such as baby shampoo, can cause irritation or hair loss, so make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s directions.


Take baby shower tips seriously.

Be mindful of the amount of water that your baby takes.

If they’re showering a lot, they’ll need more than just a splash of water.7. 

Clean up after your baby in the bathroom.

There’s no shame in having your baby wash their hair in the sink, and if you wash it in a sink, make sure to clean it well before using it again.8. 

Consider washing the baby’s hair in a dishwasher.

This is a good alternative to using the shower for washing.9. 

Ask your pediatrician if it’s OK to wash baby hair with the baby shampoo.

Most pediatricians recommend washing baby hair in baby shampoo and baby conditioner, but there are exceptions.

If your baby is already shampooing, it may be better to wash in a baby shampoo-and-conditioner dishwasher, or you can use the baby wash in the washing machine.10. 

Choose a good-quality product. 

Baby shampoo, baby conditioners, and baby hair conditioners all offer good-to-good results for newborn hair.

However, some of the more expensive baby products may be too harsh for your baby, or can make your hair look dry and frizzy.


Get the baby hair shampoo out of the shower, or out of a bathtub with a baby towel.

Baby hair shampoo, like most baby products, is made with water, so wash it with water instead of a dishwashing sponge or dish soap.

This will keep your baby clean, and the towel can help keep the hair moist.12. 

Keep baby’s skin clean and moisturized.

Your baby will be sooo glad they’re free of hair, so it’s important to keep them moisturized and feeling good about their hair.

Wash your baby gently after every shower to help them get rid of any buildup of dirt or oil on their skin.


If your baby has been using any baby products for the past week, make them switch to one of these baby care alternatives.

You can find some great baby products on the baby products market.


Avoid using a lot of product on your baby at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, baby shampoo can be quite harsh on newborns.

If it gets in their eyes, that can be really irritating and potentially damaging to their eye health.

To keep your newborn healthy and happy, try to choose products that have a lot less product than the average baby shampoo or conditioner.15. 

For those who have hair on their arms, consider using a small amount of a hair-conditioning cream.

Creams made of natural ingredients can be extremely soothing and can help prevent hair loss.


Try using baby shampoo on your hands and body to help your baby relax.

Although baby shampoo is often too harsh on the scalp for most newborns who don’t have hair, it can help ease the stress and tension

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