Students in Australia’s most prestigious universities are having to face a barrage of social media comments for their hair and makeup, after an academic research paper was leaked online.

Key points:A research paper has been leaked online that looks at how to get rid of hair on the face and neckThe University of New South Wales has asked all students who have seen the article to contact the university to complainThe university is also asking all its students to contact its media relations department to complainIt’s the latest in a series of public comments from the university on the publication of the research, which is the first academic study on the topic in the United States.

The study, titled ‘Hair removal for the face’, was initially published online by a user on the University of Sydney’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The University said the post had been removed.

“The University is not commenting on the authenticity of the article and has not seen it,” it said in a statement.

“This post has been removed as we are not currently aware of the content in question.”

The content of the post has not been endorsed by the University.

“The university said it had received “several” complaints about the article.”

As we understand the nature of the issue, the University has not received any formal complaints.

“In the course of the course, we have identified a number of potential issues and we will continue to work closely with our students and their advisers to address them,” it added.

The University says it has no intention of banning students from wearing their hair natural, but has asked students to report any issues that arise.

‘We can’t be the judge’The post was published just after students in the US began tweeting about the topic, with many citing the study as evidence that hair removal should be mandatory.

Students at the University in New South Britain are also being advised to get hair removed in the UK.

“We can never be the one who says, ‘OK, you’ve got to get your hair pulled up’,” said Dr Jennifer Schulze-Wagner, a lecturer in facial hair and cosmetic surgery.

In the United Kingdom, it is the only major university in the country that requires students to wear their hair in a natural way.

Professor Nick Boulton, an associate professor of cosmetic surgery at the university, said that it was “pretty obvious” to him that the university was trying to make a point.

“It’s very obvious that they’re trying to get the message across that it’s OK to wear your hair natural,” he said.

There have been several other incidents on social media about the subject.

Earlier this month, a student at the US university of Southern California posted a video to YouTube showing the university’s assistant professor and an assistant lecturer, who are both black, taking off their hair, with the video subsequently receiving more than 3.5 million views.

The video was later deleted.

In a follow-up tweet, Professor Boulson said that the students in Australia who have complained have had “good reason to believe” the article was “not the whole truth”.

“There are certainly students at other universities that have had the same experience,” he told ABC News.

However, he said the “biggest problem” he was seeing was from the US.

“I think the main thing that I’ve seen that I think is different is the level of backlash.

There are a lot of Australians that don’t see this as being an issue, but I think the way the American people are responding is that it is an issue.”

What I’ve noticed is that we have a lot more people in the internet who have not been through that kind of experience.

“When you see this stuff, it’s very difficult for people to accept that this is something that they should be doing.”‘

This isn’t a matter of the internet, it needs to be taken seriously’Professor Boul, who was also the subject of an online backlash when he was criticised for wearing his hair in his lab coat, said he was shocked by the amount of attention the issue has received.

“There have certainly been a few tweets and a couple of Facebook posts and it’s definitely been quite emotional,” he explained.

“But I think what’s really striking is that there are a couple people out there who have been very vocal about it.”

They’re saying, ‘I can’t do this, I’m black, I don’t have to’.

“It seems to me that the most important thing is that this isn’t just a matter for the internet.”

He said the issue needed to be discussed at a wider level, and that it should be a priority for all universities.

“You know, I can’t say what the real impact is on students and students’ families, because I can tell you that the impact is definitely greater for students than for parents, and it needs a lot greater focus than it has,” he concluded.

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