It was supposed to be a simple and easy process, but my hair looked so messed up that I didn’t know if I wanted to dye it again.

I have been dyeing my hair for two years now, and the results have been mixed.

I was a dyed blonde and the end result is grey, I had to change the colour.

Now, I’m grey, and have no idea what I’ll be wearing next.

My hair was dyed for three years and the dye has now become so expensive that I have no choice but to change it back again.

I’m also very sad that I was not able to dye my locks.

I wanted a more natural look and have grown my hair naturally for two decades.

I would have loved to have been able to achieve this.

I dyed my hair long, curly and long-tongued, and I loved it, but I’m now a grey hair, not a blonde hair, and my hair looks like that now.

I have to change back again and have to ask myself if I should dye again because I have lost the natural look of my hair.

I would have liked to have the natural hair of my parents, but they were not happy with it.

So I dyed it, and now it looks like I have dyed it all up.

I don’t want to go back to dyeing, so I’m going to go to the hair salon and have my hair cut.

If it doesn’t work out, I won’t dye again.

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