You may have been wondering if your furry friend is a furry friend or a cat.

In this episode, CBC’s Rachel Golliver explains the difference between the two.

1:22: “Furries” and “cats” Are you wondering what it is about cats that make them furry?

Some furries have hair and coats that look like cats, others do not.

2:08: “Is my cat a furrier?”

Are furries furries?

Are furriers furries too?

1:51: “I think furries are cool, but cats are cool too” Is your cat a furry?

Are you sure?

2:12: “Can I keep my cat as a pet?”

Can you keep your cat as an animal companion?

Can you breed your pet?

Can I give up your pet in exchange for something you can’t afford?

2 :37: “Do furries look cute?”

Are you having fun with your furry friends?

Are your furry cats cute?

Are furry cats too?

You can also watch our video on the topic.

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