When is hair care the best time to go bald?

Hair care companies are starting to make more and more of an impact in the beauty industry.And for good reason.While the trend is not all about the shampoo, there is a lot to love about these products.Here are 10 hair care products that will help you feel more and look younger.1.Kombucha Tea 1 cup: $4.992.Cucumber tea: $5.953.Honey tea: Free4.Moisturizing gel:

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NFL: ‘We need to keep this a safe place’

From hair care to beauty products, the NFL is taking a proactive approach to protecting the safety of players, coaches and fans in a league that is more than just a game.Here's how the league is keeping a close eye on safety in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando.Here are some of the biggest stories and issues that

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