How to avoid bleached hair with an anomaly hair replacement

It's no secret that bleached haircuts have gotten out of hand, but a lot of people still use the procedure.Here are the pros and cons of bleached scalp hair care.Bleached scalp is an extremely unnatural look.If you've ever had your hair cut in a salon, or even had it professionally bleached, you probably noticed how unnatural it was.The hair on

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Hair care

‘A Perfect Storm’ of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Fragrance Brands Could Change the Way You Look

By now, you're probably wondering what shampoo is.For some, it's a basic everyday product that's used to condition hair.For others, it may be an alternative to other shampoos and conditioners.And for a few, it might be an ingredient in the shampoo itself.And the shampoo that makes it all possible is a synthetic, chemical-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly version of shampoo

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