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Why your black hair needs a new hair styling guide

Korean haircare icon, Black hair care organizer and haircare beauty icon, Kim Seung-young has taken to Twitter to explain the latest trends in the Korean hair industry.Korea has long been known for its colourful hairstyles, but with so many styles available for sale online, many hair stylists and salon owners are now trying to cater to a broader audience.Kim has

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Joico haircare organizer faces jail time after being arrested for allegedly selling illegal products

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How to use a brush to remove a frizzy head

Hair care organizer Sara Dune has a unique solution for those with frizzy hair that involves a small brush.Dune has started a homebound haircare program called Hair Care Unlimited, and she shares how she got started with tips for keeping your hair healthy and stylish.Read MoreFirst, she learned that frizzy locks are caused by overactive scalp hair follicles, which produce

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