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 Julie’s Hair Care: How to get the best results with the product that she loves

Julie's products are used by hundreds of thousands of people in India, where they are popular among the middle class.But there are still questions about the safety of the product, particularly when it comes to the salons.Here are five things to know about Julie's hair products.Julie and her father-in-law, Dr. Rakesh Prasad, sit on the floor at the Indian salon

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How to keep your hair and scalp healthy

What is a hair follicle?Hair follicles are a collection of cells that form in your scalp and are attached to your scalp.The cells have a specific role to play in your hair follicles and are a vital part of your scalp's overall health.They help regulate the amount of hair that grows, absorb moisture and keep your scalp looking and feeling

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How to find a salon job for your hair

A job at a salon is just one of many career paths available to salons.Here's how to find the one that's right for you.1.Hair stylist As a professional stylist, you'll have a lot of responsibilities and will work closely with clients.This job requires good customer service and good customer care.A salons job requires a lot more than the standard salon

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