Which science hair products can I use for my hair?

In addition to kerastase, which is an enzyme that breaks down hair's natural oils, there are some other common hair products on the market, but the science of what they actually do isn't known.Here are some products that may be worth trying out.Kerastase is an important enzyme in the hair growth process.Kerastase helps keep your hair from drying out, while

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Skin care

Amazon is going after a whole new segment of the beauty industry with its Kerastase Hair Care product line

The hair care giant announced a new product line that includes hair gel, shampoo, and conditioner.The product line includes products for people who want to treat hair loss, or who want an alternative to the standard hair gel.The Kerastases Hair Care line includes a gel, hair shampoo, conditioner, and a pomade.Each product comes with a 1-year subscription to, which

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Why the ‘whole thing is a joke’

Kerastase is one of the most popular hair products on the market.The product is widely touted for its quick, gentle and long-lasting results, and its ingredients have been used for centuries.The ingredient keratin is believed to be responsible for the smoothness of hair.But according to a new study, the product actually has more of a "whole body" effect.Researchers from the

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