Hair care

How do I get hair that looks like Nairobi?

In Africa, you will often see women with long, long, frizzy hair, or wavy, curly hair, which are commonly referred to as wavy bangs or wave-like hair.The term "wavy bang" is used to describe a style of hair that is straight or wispy in shape, but curled at the sides.While some of us have a natural wavy look, this can

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What do you know about hydra hair?

Homeveda is the name of a brand of hydra hairs that you can find in the hair care section of your local health food store.It has been around for over 10 years and is currently the largest hydra brand in the UK, with a range of products, including homeveda hairs.However, what does it do?Homevedas is a popular hair care brand

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