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Why Gemma Hair Care is #1 in Korea

By ESPN Staff WriterOn the heels of Gemma's latest success, a Korean beauty company is now the #1 hair care brand in Korea.Korean Hair Care's new #1 Korean Beauty brand, Gemma, launched in late July.The Korean beauty brand's first Korean-language ad is featured in the #2 spot, which features Gemma founder Kim Hee-yeong in her native South Korea.Kim said the

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How to tell if you’re pregnant

The term pregnancy comes up in almost every conversation about the care of your newborn.It is used to describe the time before you are due to give birth to a baby, and is often the first thing someone says to someone when asked about pregnancy.However, pregnancy can also refer to any time you are pregnant with a new baby.Pregnancy is

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When a new salon opens on the eastside

The Westside Hair Care Co. will open its first salon on the westside this week.The co-operative has leased a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house on the former site of the former West Side Hair Care, which opened in 2014.Owner Andrew Wilson said he could not believe the number of people who had come to visit."They just really loved coming in, they came

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